Stakes for Steaks



The Stakes for Steaks FamilySearch Indexing Program is starting again. See how many names you can index in the 40 days from September 15th to October 25th. You can help to essentially create Stakes of individuals in the Spirit World that have the saving ordinances performed for them here on earth. We invite all youth 12 years old and up to participate in this challenge.

If you’ve never done Indexing before, Click Here for instructions on how to get started.

After you download the FamilySearch Indexing program, here’s how you get started on September 15th:

  1. Open the FamilySearch Indexing program.  A login screen will show.
  2. Log in with your LDS Account.  If you don’t have one, go create an LDS Account.
  3. Click on the My History tab on the right side of the screen (see Figure 1, below).
  4. Make note of how many points are shown after the phrase “Since I Started.” You can take a photo or a screenshot or write it on a note and put it on your fridge (see Figure 2, below).
  5. When you are done indexing on October 25th, go back to the My History tab and see how many points you have.
  6. Subtract the points you had on September 15th from the points you have on October 25th to get your total points earned during the Stakes for Steaks program.
  7. Submit your results on the Points Reporting website before the end of the day on October 31st.

We will have a fireside after October 25th to finish off this year’s program and announce the total points, the young man or young woman who earned the most points overall, and the young men and young women who earned the most points in each ward and branch.  The young man and the young woman from each ward and branch in the stake with the most points earned during the program will enjoy a steak dinner with the Stake Presidency.

We believe that this will not only create a fun opportunity for you but will also ignite the Spirit of Elijah in you.

Love the Stake Presidency,
David L. Chandler
William L. Houseman
Justin D. Parker



Figure 1: The FamilySearch Indexing program main screen.


Figure 2: This shows the My History tab and where your points are displayed.

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